Saturday, August 2, 2008

Patty Hearst's Daughter is a Lingerie Model!

Newspaper heiress Patty Hearst may have become famous for joining the American guerilla group that kidnapped her in 1974, but her daughter is making her name for herself in a more conventional manner. 23 year old Lydia Marie Hearst-Shaw has just been named the face and body of lingerie designers Myla. Lydia started modeling four years ago and has since worked with leading photographers including Mario Testino and Mark Abrams. In the past year her career has taken off most recently at the “Fashion Oscars”, she was named “Supermodel of the Year”. Now, I know most people would definetly consider these shots of Lydia the more appealing than her mom's infamous machine gun weilding picture, but while they are no doubt gorg, I personally think Patty was far sexier. There's nothing hotter than a fierce, crazy bitch taking charge of things.



Shea said...

She is beautiful

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