Wednesday, August 20, 2008

PETA Is Pissed With Paltrow

You can take a breather Olsens, PETA has a new target in their sites and she goes by the name of Gwyneth "Bitter Face" Paltrow. In her new ads for Tod, Gwynie sports fur-which may not be a big deal except the bitch is always going on about how strictly veggie she is. The organization told the Independent: "Gwyneth Paltrow won't be the apple of her daughter's eye if she continues to flaunt fur." Ugh! Enough with the puns already, PETA! Their asses must have the SATC writers doing their PR, because the pun shit is just on the ridiculous tip. Anyway, PETA says it hasn't received a response from Paltrow, even though they've sent her letters and videos "showing how animals suffer for fur." They aren't the only ones on Gwynie's back though. The vegetarian charity Viva! is also upset with Paltrow. Its spokesperson says: "There is nothing feminine about inserting an electrode into the anus of a terrified and struggling fox and then electrocuting it. Ms Paltrow is an actress — and seemingly a particularly stupid one at that." Jesus! I am sorry about that morning visual. That sounds awful!
But even though people are jumping on the "Iron Man" actress, don't expect to see her loved one come to her defense. Even best friend Stella McCartney, who doesn't use fur in her designs, is peeved. You also have to imagine husband Chris Martin is annoyed, seeing as how he is a posterboy for the vegetarian lifestyle, even gaining the title of the world's sexiest vegetarian at one point. Can you blame them though? There's nothing worse than someone who acts holier than thou and totally self righteous, claiming to live one way and then acting another. (Kind of like when she did that commercial about driving energy efficient cars when she owns an SUV!) If you ask me, Paltrow opened herself up to criticism when she tossed her personal morals and beliefs out the window.


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