Saturday, August 30, 2008

Queen Ashley in Vogue!

So Queen Ashley Olsen has made it all by her lonesome onto the coveted pages of Vogue and I cannot be more proud. For once it's not The Other One, but Ashley being recognized for her wicked business savvy, marketing skills, and credibility of a fashion designer. I really love (LOVE!) her powersuit-it's like an updated Melanie Griffith ala "Working Girl" when she gets all down to biz and -ish. Queen looks like she's ready to merge with overseas conglomerates and take down CEOs with her bare pinkie. And normally I would be mad at a bitch for stealing my signature sunglasses, but let's be real-Queen Ashley could come in here and steal my flatscreen and I'd be totally kosher with it. Plus the shades add a dash of badassbitchness, which is always, in my humble opinion, a must. You betta work, dammit.



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