Wednesday, August 20, 2008

She Wishes

Amanda Beard was on the John Jay and Rich radio show yesterday where she not only denied rumors she was dating the Jesus of the Olympics, Michael Phelps, but pretty much vomited at the mention that they perhaps could have rubbed their magic medals together. When asked if she had ever kissed or even HELD HANDS, she replied with "EW! EW! EW!" over and over and over again saying, "Come on. I have really good taste." Please. That bitch WISHES she could ride the whale. People are only that insistant and over the top and emphatic about not dating someone when they tried but were turned down and are now bitter bettys out to show the world how unattracted they are to the other person. And she should be thanking her lucky busted ass face people think she's dating golden dick, because at least some people know her name now. I sure as hell had never heard of her before. But I'm glad to know she's a egomaniacal, self centered bitch who thinks she's too good for a body built like Adonis. So what if Phelps is a bit of a butterface? At least he's not batting ZERO in this year's Olympics like some jealous hos.


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