Thursday, August 28, 2008

So Dramatic!

Damn, kids these days! So dramatic about everything. Take that Chris Brown for instance. He was spotted wearing an "Obama or Die" t-shirt yesterday while going for a jog. What is that supposed to mean? Like if we don't vote for Obama, we're going to die?!? How exactly is that going to happen? Is the world just going to implode from frustration, or is Chris Brown actually going to kill me if I don't vote for Obama? I mean, I'm voting for Obama and all, but when you put it like that, Mr. Brown, it kind of irks me. I don't appreciate the threat. In fact, I would like to see your scrawny ass try it with me. I'm pretty sure I could take you down in 2 seconds flat. Maybe less if I had a running start. So I have a new slogan for you, Christopher: Don't threaten me or DIE! That's right. Two can play at your little game.
P.S. Those pants are effing hideous.


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