Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before...

So Queen Latifah and her longtime partner Jeanette Jenkins are planning on adopting a baby in the very near future. What's that you say? You've already heard this one three hundred billion, four hundred and ninety nine million, seven hundred and thirty thousand, eight hundred and fifty five times? Damn! Me too! But according to "friends" of the couple (note I use the word "friends" loosely seeing as how they are talking to the rags-something every true friend does), this time it's totally true. They swear on their hair. "It’s top secret right now, but they are hoping to have a little one by Christmas,” a longtime pal told The Enquirer. Yes. The Enquirer. The source of all credible news stories. “They’re trying to keep it quiet because they don’t want to jinx the whole thing.” They say Latifah’s sister, who works in New Jersey’s Division of Youth and Family Services, is helping guide her through the red tape, said the source.
The snakes in the grass also claim that unlike Madonna and Angelina Jolie, Latifah is making a point of adopting a child from the United States. “I can understand why people go outside the U.S. You can adopt someone here, and the birth parents have three years to come back and get that child. That’s terrifying,” said the Oscar-nominated “Chicago” star. But she says poor American children “can use just as much assistance as someone from around the world. I want to do something here.”

I would love to see Latifah marry Jeanette and adopt a babay. However, as many times as this story has made the rounds, I'll believes it when I sees it.


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