Wednesday, August 27, 2008

There She Blows Again

Ugh! I want to slap Jessica Simpson across the face with a fish! This chick will never learn! Do not talk to the tabs about your love life because the minute you do, you will suffer a humiliating public breakup. Meanwhile you will be asking the everyone to "respect your privacy during this very difficult time" not seeing the irony in the fact that you had basically begged everyone to give a crap about your love life. Another thing I can't stand about this broad is that she is always talking about the dudes in her life-like she has nothing better to talk about than how men have influenced her. She has a shoe line, a cloting line, a body dessert line, movies, etc. and all she can talk about is who she did and did not date and how they treated her! Sure all her projects are shitty, but they are definetely more worth talking about then how John Mayer used to never say "please" or degraded her. I mean, just look at that cover! All three bullet points are about who she's dated! God, that potatoe head is such a dumbass. She makes me ashamed to have a vagina. I own pencils sharper than her.


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