Wednesday, August 13, 2008

There Will Be Cheetos

Here's another pic from the new OK! Magazine featuring a sit down with Britney. In this photo, we see Brittles sharing a lunch with Sean P. and JJ. And what is a lunch without Cheetos?!? I bet Brit was totally generous when it came to her sandwich and Sunkist, but I am sure those boys know better than to think about dipping their little fists into the Cheetos bag. Look at JJ, gazing at the cheesy goodness with longing. Sorry hon, but you should know nothing comes between mummy and her Cheetos. Here are a couple of facts from the upcoming issue:
Britney on enjoying domestic life: “I get mad if the maid does all the housework. If she takes it all into her own hands, well, what’s for me to do? I’m a cleaning fanatic. Dusting is my favorite, and Windex-ing.”
Britney on whether she cooks for her family: “I do. Usually the maid and I will cook together. Sean and Jayden love my spaghetti.”
Britney on focusing on the mommy track these days: “I’m healthy, happy and excited about the future.”


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