Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Twitch-Watch '08

Nooooo! Not my Twitch! It has been reported that So You Think You Can Dance contestants Twitch and Joshua were hospitalized over the weekend for dehydration. Who gives a flying crap about Joshua-how is Twitch?!? We need to pool our money right away and send him flowers, candy, and gallons and gallons of Poland Spring! Because evidently they do not have neither bottled water nor faucets over at the SYTYCD compound. Here's the lowdow on what went down:
“{Twitch and Joshua} went in and so there was no more rehearsals, and Sunday all the rehearsals were called off,” ballroom expert and SYTYCD judge Mary Murphy confirmed to PEOPLE at Fox’s 2008 Teen Choice Awards in L.A. on Sunday. “The kids are completely dehydrated – two of them. I’m sure they’re doing a lot of blood work to see if there’s anything else."
Murphy went on to explain that in all fairness, “the other two [dancers] could not rehearse as well, and so hopefully everybody is going to be in the same boat…hopefully everybody will be refreshed by having a full day off.”
Leading up to the finale, the dancers have been putting in 10 to 12 hour rehearsals a day, because “they want it so bad,” says Murphy, adding “so, they keep pushing themselves and pushing themselves and not letting anybody know that, ‘Hey, I’m running on empty,’ and then it catches up on them and then they collapse.”
Speaking of getting all effed up, Mary Murphy ended up spraining her ankle yesterday. Damn! There is some voodoo shit going on in that studio. I'm pretty sure it's Courtney. That bitch may look all sunshine and cupcakes, but I bet she's a class A bitch who works for Satan on the sly.
Just for fun, here's Twitch's original audition, because it was one of the most awesome things ever in life.


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