Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Was The Other One a Dress Rehersal?

Damn, I thought we already went through this shit! Oh well, you know stoners. Twice might as well be once and everything is new and mildly stimulating. So last night Columbia Pictures Presented a screening of "Pineapple Express" and while the fashion was boring as shit, it definetely looked like the kind of crowd I could get down with. And by "get down" I mean "get high".
Also, seriously, how much better does Nicole Murphy look with Michael Strahan than with Eddie Murphy? I mean, she is a beautiful women, but Eddie was bringing her stock down. WAY down. To call this one an upgrade would be a huge understatement. Way to trade up, ladytron.

Alicia Witt

Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy & Patrick Wilson

Rosie Perez

Robert Buckley

Seth Rogen and James Franco

Alex Burns & Erin Lucas

Jennifer Missoni & James Debello aka Your Brain on Fug

Julie Henderson & James Lesure

Martha Plipton & Johanna Black

Todd Oldham & Sky Nellor

Rumer Willis & Paul Rudd



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