Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What The Helly Hell is Going On Here?!?

When I heard that Michelle Obama was going to be on the latest issue of "Radar", I thought it was going to be awesome! Were they going to style her like the rockstar that she is? Are they going to do a kitschy spread? Turns out the answer is a definitive NO! Instead she looks pissed as hell with a headline that reads, "What's so scary about Michelle Obama?" Well, I didn't think anything until I saw this picture! She looks like someone just ate the rest of the peanut butter when she had been daydreaming about a PB&J all day. What's wrong with Radar? Why they want to start trouble? For God's sake they just had Pam Anderson on the cover and didn't say anything about how frightening her saggy, crab infested vagina is. You're rude, Radar!


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