Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What is 14?

The age of 14 can have many faces-especially when you are comparing the likes of Dakota Fanning and Ali Lohan. Serious actress Dakota always has minimal makeup (lip gloss at most) and looks demure and age appropriate. On the other hand, Ali looks like a 45 year old Long Island divorcee with three kids, a two pack a day Marlboro Red habit, an affinity for Johnny Walker, and an evening job at the local dive bar who has really lived a hard knock life. Bitch needs to lay easy on the foundation, liner, and leather. She's really beginning to look like Criss Angel's mom. And that is never a good thing. Now, I'm not saying kids have to be sweet and prim and preppy like Dakota (I know I certainly never was!), I'm just saying when they begin to look like they could actually have a 14 year old of their own, it's time to intervene.

Ali Lohan


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