Monday, August 25, 2008

Who Ordered The Stale, Moldy Tuna Roll?

I am so sick of seeing this bitch-you just don't even know. Would someone please tell her she is long past her 15 minute expiration date and throw her out so that we will not have to be subjected to her horrendous nose and tit job and completely shallow and utterly useless personality? I mean just look at her! This is why other countries loathe us. Because of people like this broad right here. Famous because she's sliced and diced her ass to what she calls perfection and what I call blowup Barbie on acid. Anyway, here's Heidi Montag on the set of her new video "Overdosin'". I'm assuming they call it that because one listen and you'll be running for your nearest street corner with the intention of injesting a many illegal substances as it takes to erase the horrific sight and sound of this american tragedy from your brain.


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