Sunday, August 10, 2008

Zoe Kravitz and Some Other People at Limelight Paris New York Collection

Finally Zoe Kravitz resurfaces! It has been at least a week since her last sighting and after a while I get nervous, feeling the need to summons all the mice in NY to leave no hip coffee shop or flea infested swap meet unturned until they find Little Orphan Zoe! Thankfully I did not have to resort to those measures. Whew! LOZ along with Emmy Rossum, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Liv Tyler and Mena Suvari were all hit up the Limelight Paris-New York Collection night in NYC to check out the latest fashions and talk about whether or not other countries such as Belarus and Uzbekistan should adopt and would benefit from the Bilateral Investment Treaties, and a general disscussion on how to resolve international conflict both within the BIT, and outside of it. Actually, I'm not entirely sure about that last part, but something tells me this is definetely what they were gabbing about. You know us girls and our foreign politic talk!
Busy girl Mena Suvari who posed with Liv Tyler, Maggie Gyllenhaal & Emmy Rossum

Leighton Meester


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