Friday, September 12, 2008

Amy Winehouse? Why the Scabby, Patchy, Makeup Smeared, Long Face?

Oh. That's right. Because she's a drug addled mess. Just look at this woman. Take a good, long, hard look. Wait, not too long! I wouldn't want you to permanently lose vision in your right eye and then sue me. Maybe just take an extended glance. This chick is a fucking wreck! How do you fix this whole thing? I am not one that believes in plastic surgery for superficial reasons, but for the Wino I can make an exception. This bitch needs new teeth, new hair, new legs, new lungs, new brain, new liver, new fingernails, new esophagus, new face and new skin. I'm talking a completely new everything. And while we're at it, we need to burn all her clothes. Well, maybe we can leave some. After all, the manifesting diseases and parasites that reside in them can most likely help scientific research. Anyway, here's the ghost of crakhead past last night looking like shit. But what else is new?


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