Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Animal Cruelty!

That poor horse looks like a fool! But don't blame him for the fashion faux paux-this is all Katie Price aka Jordan's fault. The "actress"/"model"/boozing Brit has created a brand new line of equestrian wear for animals and the people who hate them. “I’ve worked with a top team of high-street fashion designers and we’ve applied quality fashion design to some classic equestrian pieces, and given a horsey twist to a few general leisure items,” she says. "It’s fashionable and stylish but at the same time functional and wearable. And the horsewear is just fab.” Fab?!? What the fuck planet is she living on? This whole creation looks like Hooker Barbie on holiday after swigging from the "Drink Me!" bottle which contained Alize, Pepto and high doses of hallucinagenics. You know that horse is seriously contemplating suicide as an alternative to continue being made a mockery of. How can he go back to his friends and colleagues after this? Is he supposed to pretend like this whole charade never happened? My Little Phony!


Ali-ers said...

Poor horsie! All the other horses are going to tease him now :(

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