Monday, September 15, 2008

Attack of the Clones

Jesus! They're multiplying! Forget global warming or the war on terror. We have suddenly been overtaken by a much larger, far more dangerous threat to our planet. The same way in which a parasite attach and feed off a perfectly healthy host, so is the way of the Kardashian. Although she might look harmless, she is, in fact, a deadly danger, looking to convert pure, uncorrupted youth into mini-Kim's, enticing them with heels and lip gloss to come and join her army of whores. And it's working! So help me God, it's working. One brilliant young mind that does not appear to be marching to Kim's beat is Khloezilla. I'm pretty sure it wasn't out of morals though. Khloezillz was probably busy battling Biollante or Mechagodzilla. You know that KZ-always so busy!


Girl on Top said...

LOL. That's too funny.

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