Friday, September 5, 2008


If this does not give you nightmares, than I just don't know what the hell will. Some dude named Noel Cruz has entirely too much time on his hands. He has created an Angelina Jolie doll that I am somehow sure he touched in an inapproprite manner. I mean, look at that picture! I'll be damned if he's not playing out some sick Japeto shit in that basement of his. Anyway, I guess Noel isn't the only wierdo out there-he snatched up a cool $3,350 on ebay for his Jolie doll. That's right. Someone actually paid to buy this creepy ass replica. I'll be damned if I'd even take it for free. That doll will probably steal your husband, steal your children, take all your prescription meds and then kill you in your sleep.
The Real Angelina

The Replica


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