Monday, September 15, 2008

Dita Von Teese in "Gala"

Double your Dita this morning! Here we have a recent shoot of the burlesque babe in the latest edition of the French mag, "Gala". I am in utter envy right now of everything that is going on in these pictures. From the lingerie to the lush curtains to those severly hot pumps. And on the real, where can I get a gold glitter bathtub? Can you even imagine owning a gold glitter bathtub? How freakin' luxurious would you feel? I would be soaking my precious tootsies in the finest scented bath oils the world has to offer (Bath & Body Works) drinking Veuve Clicquot(sparkling cider from Giant) and relaxing to the ambience of some extravagent Diptyque candles (Glade French Vanilla) each and every night if I had one! Maybe I could drench my bathtub in superglue and throw a bunch of loose glitter at it. Yeah...I'm totally going to make that happen.


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