Monday, September 22, 2008

The Fab of the 60th Annual Emmy Awards

While some celebs may have stuck out, others hit a home run with their fashion choices of the evening. Let's take a look at not only the best dressed of the evening, but a select few who get my mad props for thinking outside of the box, making a memorable fashion moment. Oh, and I know I said I wasn't going to include any males, but Alan Cumming's outfit was so different, that I juat had to include him.
Most Super Amazing Fantastic Dress of the Night: Mindy Kaling
OMFG. I am totally flipping my shit over this dress. It is INCREDIBLE!!! The only thing that could have made her ensemble as a whole better is some more elegant accessories. Maybe a cuff or having her hair swept back. Definetely the most awesome dress though.
Best Dressed: Kate Walsh
Kate Walsh looked positively radiant last night. From her hair, to her jewelry to her dress, the look was absolute perfection.
Sexiest Cast: Mad Men
The cast of Mad Men looked just as slick last night as they do every week on their show. The only difference was, last night they received shiny gold accesories to go with their ensemble: Emmys. The series won best drama becoming the first cable television show to be bestowed with that honor. And rightfully so. If you have never seen Mad Men, I emplore you to do so!
The Awesome Out of Left Fielders
Alan Cumming & Marcia Cross

Lisa Edelstein & Kathy Griffin

Padme Lakshmi & Christina DeRosa

Jennifer Morrison

Heidi Klum

January Jones

The Fab
Sandra Oh & Olivia Wilde

Nicolette Sheridan & Tina Fey

Jennifer Love Hewitt & Julie Benz

Jenna Fischer & Felicity Huffman

Evangeline Lily & Brooke Shields

Cynthia Nixon

Debra Messing & America Ferrera



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