Monday, September 15, 2008

For The Mother Who Wants The Very Best For Her Baby. And By "Very Best" I Mean Absolute Worst.

This is so disgusting that I almost cannot find the energy to form vowels and consinants. A bunch of bitches without morals at Heelarious have designed a high heeled shoe for babies. That's right. Babies. As in 6 month old children who aren't strong enough to defend themselves and smack the shit out of their dumb ho moms who wish to make them look like pint sized harlots. The brand offers various tackadocious styles including a Peggy Bundy inspired leopard print, and a daytime stripper inspired zebra print. Now, let's just get something straight-this is not cute. In fact, it's bordering on child abuse. In an era when children are adopting adult habits and lifestyles entirely too young, we are now pushing them into dressing like full grown women months after their birth? For once, I agree with Kathy Lee who said this was the "sexualization of children". The slogan which suggests that "She's a Lil Lady" is wrong. Your 4 month old child is not a "lady"-she's an infant. What's next, mini skirts? Baby's first bustier? We need to draw the line.


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