Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy 65th Birthday, Katie Holmes!

Blythe Danner better watch her back. There's a new AARP member threatening to dethrone her as one of Hollywood's hottest grandmas. Katie (oh, excuse me. KATE) stepped out last night with son Tom Cruise to enjoy a little dining experience at Il Valentino Italian restaurant. They gave her the red carpet treatment by mashing her T-Bone in a blender and accomidating her by making strained peas and rice pudding. They normally don't do that kind of thing, but you know how cranky old people can get when they have to chew. Don't get me wrong-I'm sure Kate has the best denchers money can buy, but sometimes tough eatins like baked potatoes can afflict even the wealthiest of GILFs. I must also say how lovely it is to see Tom helping his mother out to the car. So many young people nowadays just don't show that kind of courtesy to their elders, so it's refreshing to see the younger generation doing there part. I'm sure Kate capped off that wonderful evening by curling up with a nice cup of Ovaltine and dozing off to her favorite episode of Murder She Wrote. That Jessica Tandy...what a fox!


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