Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Herve Leger Badage Dresses: Not For Everyone

Actually this isn't really a Hever Leger, but rather a $98 knock off from Bebe which I wouldn't have known had I not seen it on Your Cheapest Fashion Statement. Ha! You thought you fooled us Coco, but no such luck! Now, normally I would question why on Earth this woman didn't just buy the real thing, seeing as how Ice-T is her husband and she could definetely afford it. However something tells me Herve Leger does not make a size big enough to contain her mammoth breasteses. I bet it still took three 400 lb body guards, eighteen rolls of duct tape, 7 sportsbras, 92 hours and 41 gallons of Crisco to make this whole look happen. Poor thing. You know she can't breathe. I'm sure the oxygen going to her brain has been completely depleted. Actually, that would explain quite a lot...


Kara said...

god she really just ruined such a stellar piece for me. GEEZ!
I forgot how ridonculously hilarious ur blog is. gotta lot of catching up to do.

wild africa said...

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