Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Think I'll Pass

So Seth Rogan was on the cover of August's GQ which I just noticed thanks to the good people over at ONTD. Now, I don't want to offend any of you because I know many out there love him more than Tara Reid lover Bartles & Jaymes, but I just have to say something if I may. Why is it that Seth here is considered sexy because he is funny, when none of the heavier female comedians are considered sexy? Just look at this issue of GQ and this month's featuring Megan Fox. Do we see any differences in the two? If there was a female equivalent to Seth Rogan, girlfriend would be cast as the funny fat best friend in every single movie she was in. She would never be the leading lady and if she was, it would be some effing chick flick where a guy loves her DESPITE the fact that she is hefty. The soundtrack would no doubt be done by Michelle Branch and include lyrics like "It's my turn now!" and shit like that. The whole thing is just so unequal and such bullshit. Women in the entertainment industry are expected to be thin and hot-but also do just as good of an acting job as their male counterparts. What's worse is that these actresses are expected to get thinner and thinner and thinner to the point where they look like children. (Just look at the cast of the new 90210 vs. the original cast. They make the originals look like a bunch of heifers!) Anyway, I just think it's hypocritical that's all.


Kara said...

BWAHAHAHAHA! "It's my turn now". Classic! You're such a meanie.

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