Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm Moving To Canada

I wholly appologize if this causes your ears to bleed. This is bad. I mean just truely horrible. I mean really, really awful! Kat DeLuna's version of "The Star Spangled Banner" makes me want to dip my face in a pot of boiling water and immediately light myself on fire. And obviously I'm not the only one who feels this way-the crowd who innocently expected to simply watch the first game of Monday Night Football booed the shit out of her ass for torturing them with her "singing" which sounded like a bag of rabid cats with ADHD fighting for an open bag of cat nip and heroin. Do us a favor Kat-go to college. Study history or science, go to law school, become a personal trainer. Just please, for the love of God, do not sing again ever not even in your own car with the windows rolled up and the radio on full volume while riding through a construction area.


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