Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Is This Some Kind of Joke?

Because if so, I don't get it. Daisy Lowe was spotted (literally. Bitch is spotted) out and about last night, (getting driz I'm sure) in leotard. A fucking leotard. As a complete outfit. Daisy, we get it. You're a fame whore. You want attention. But there is no need to punish the public by looking like a villan from Fame. All she's missing are a pair of leggings and she'd be all set to break out into a "spontaneous" dance and song with her pussy posse in the background. As fugly as this whole getup is, you just know Victoria Beckham is kicking her assistant for not thinking of this first.


Kara said...

heyyyyy, i wouldn't do it, but i kinda like it lol. trust me, it's very London.

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