Friday, September 5, 2008

Japan Fashion Week S/S '09: Somarta

In the spirit of the upcoming Dali movie, I thought we'd take a look at a little avante garde fashion from Japan Fashion Week. Here we have the uncompromising vision of Tamae Hirokawa for Somarta, who breathed a little excitement into day five of the ongoing event. The designer took bubble skirts to the extreme, bringing back a trend we haven't seen since sufferage was the hot political topic. That's right. Somarta is trying to make hoop skirts hot again. And while I think they look pretty cool, they are anything but practical. I did a play once where I had to wear a hoop skirt. I went to sit down and the damn thing flew right over my head and knocked me back. The lesson? Hoop skirts went out for a reason. You can't effing sit down in them.



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