Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Katie Holmes Got To Pink!!!!

OMFG. We need to put our noggings together and form some sort of super search party to aprehend Pink and win her back away from the dark side. It has been rumored that the normally stylish Pink is being seduced by the batshit crazy bitches we call Scientologists. P!nk of course denied that she was a member of the alien embassy, but as we know, denial is the first step to being a Scientologist. I wanted to believe her because she's effing Pink! She hates organized religion and would not let some smooth talking friend of Xenu strip her of her beliefs. But now-oh yes, NOW-we have cold hard evidence in the form of rolled up jeans. It's a secret society of fug! I guess if step one in being a Scientologist is denial, step two is dressing like Angela Bauer.


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