Monday, September 22, 2008

Katy Perry Gets Her Dumb Ass Handed To Her By Awesome Unidentified Chick

I'm not sure exactly how this fight between dumbshit Katy Perry and the unidentified woman got started, but I'm sure it was due to Katy running her big fat mouth or just being annoying. The mystery woman (who is now my hero) probably just kicked her ass because she knows it's what everyone in America wish they had the chance to do. Way to live the dream, girl! Truely there is nothing better than seeing Katy Perry face down in a floor full of hay. I sure hope there was some horse shit on there. That's the only way this scenario could get any better. In the second picture. you can see Perry getting her leotard wearing ass rescued (after getting pwned for 10 minutes) by boyfriend Travis McCoy. That's what you get for wearing a leotard, dumbass. How can you expect anyone to take you seriously in a fight when you're wearing a sparkly pink leotard? Nothing says hardcore asskicker like an outfit similar to a 4 year old's dance recital ensemble.


Kara said...

ZOMG this did NOT really happen! r u sure?

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