Friday, September 12, 2008

Kelly Brook in October's U.K. Glamour

Can someone please give me the lowdown on why Kelly Brook is so famous? All I know about her is that she has big tatas and an on again/off again relationship with that hot hunk of man meat Billy Zane. Perhaps I would be intriguied if I had seen some of the timeless classics she starred in such as Marple the Moving Finger or her Oscar worthy portrayl as "Beautiful lady in the Painting" in everyone's favorite tearjearker, winner of seventeen Sundance Film Fessie Awards, "Deuce Bigalow, European Gigolo". I mean she's pretty and all, but so what? There are a million pretty girls in movies, so what makes her so special? And I'm not being all sarcastic, I'm seriously wondering what makes her so special. This chick is always being photograped. It's kind of like Posh. She doesn't really do anything, but she's always being followed by the paps. Very curious. Anyway, here's Kelly in October's British Glamour.



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