Thursday, September 25, 2008

Letterman Is Not Pleased

Oooh girl! Do not piss off David Letterman because he will straight up drag your reputation through shit, throw it under a bus, and send rabbid monkies after it to chew up and spit out the remains. John McCain was supposed to hit up the Letterman show last night, but ended up basically calling in sick. Actually he said he had to go to D.C. to take care of important business crap a.k.a. go party at Nation. Turns out though he wasn't heading to D.C., but rather doing an interview with Katie Couric a few blocks down! Way to really breach the trust we all had for you, McCain. I mean, up until now you have been nothing but a pillar of truth and honesty! Anyway, here's a very pissed off Letterman (and rightfully so) ripping old man McCain three new ones.


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