Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lindsay Lohan and Grandma Go On Vacay!

It was so lovely for Lindsay Lohan to invite her grandmother, Sam Ronson on a trip to the beach with her. And I must admit, Grandma SamRo looks pretty good in that bikini for having the osteoporosis and the bone density probs and the arthitis and the hunchback. Why, she only looks about 70 from here! Linds must have known granny was in serious need of some sun when she was temporarily blinded by those reflector legs. Why, I haven't seen something that white since Micheal Jackson's last public appearance. In all seriousness, why does that bitch hunch over so much? She looks like she's constantly searching for a missing dildo or her denchers. Quit looking, girl. You obviously aren't going to find either.


Ali-ers said...

Can't Lindsay take Grandma for a spray tan?
She shouldn't be greedy and keep all that mystic tan goodness for herself!

Mrs. M. said...

LOL you are so RIGHT Ali-ers! I didn't think about that, but it is so selfish for Lindsay to hog the mystic tan! I bet she even has an unlimited free pass and everything. Start thinking about someone else for a change Lindsay!

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