Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lindsay Lohan in October's "Marie Claire"

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On the one hand, I am glad to see that LiLo is making the papers for all the right reasons. On the other hand, bitch really needs to ditch that weave. It's horrendous and offensive to my corneas. The whole thing reminds me of crappy friends of an addict. No one has the courage to say, "Hey, friend, you need to quit. That shit is ruining your life and making you look beat the hell down." And trust me, that straw mop she calls a weave is ruining her life and making her look beat down. Since none of her friends seem to either care or have the cojones to tell her, I figured I might as well. On another note, why Lindsay look so mad? This is like the face you get when someone around you tells a really offensive joke and you get that pissy expression on your face, clearly aggrivated at their comments but holding your verbal assault because they are an idiot and it doesn't matter what you say, they are still going to be an idiot. Yeah. It's that face.


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