Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mark Ronson's New Biatch Wears Awesome Shoes

First of all, damn that bitch for rockin' Buster Browns! I have wishing for eternity that they would make them in grown up sizes and now I see this skank wearing them? Truely outrageous! Anyway, the girl with the BBs is Mark Ronson's new girlfriend, 23 year old Tennessee Thomas of The Like. The pair have been spotted virtually everywhere since the producer's split from 19 year old Daisy Lowe a few weeks ago. But you know these sluts-one week they're on the verge of getting married, the next they're putting it to someone else. The only thing I can say for these two is that together they form an amazing style duo. I would kill to raid both of their closets.


Ali-ers said...

I'm totes jealous of the shoes too!

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