Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Matt Damon Talks Shit About Palin, Becomes More Attractive To Me

Normally when a celebrity goes about spewing forth their thoughts on political candidates I want to gouge out my eyes with baby spoons and drown the white noise by blasting Phil Collins. However, this recent interview in which Matt Damon talks about the sheer absurdity of Sarah Palin as a V.P. is unlike the traditional celeb rant. For one, he actually has some interresting observations and clever commentary about this short lived governor from a teeny town outside of the continental U.S. Him comparing the whole thing to a Disney movie where, "Oh the small town soccer mom governor becomes V.P. and next thing you know is charming Putin with lessons she learned on the hockey rink" is effing brilliant. I think Damon is a pretty regular guy, and this schpeal isn't like "Believe what I believe because I'm famous", it just comes off as one concerned American citizen to another. Love it.


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