Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Megan Fox in October's U.S. GQ

Oh my God, you guys. It's Megan Fox looking sexy in a men's magazine. What a completely new image for her. You know, I bet you she really wrestled with whether or not to do this shoot. She probably thought long and hard about how she would be portrayed and weighed the pros and cons of being so scantily clad and putting her bidness out there for everyone to see. She probably asked Jesus again and again what the best decision to make regarding this perplexing situation was, to which Jesus replied, "Ugh, stop calling here or I'm going to have to change my number." In the end, she decided to succumb to the pressure of having to support not just herself, but fiancee Brian Austin Green whose 90210 royalties don't even pay for the phone bill. I feel for you Megan, I really do.


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