Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nancy Spungen and Her Elegant Canned Champagne

When I think of high class, timeless elegance, certain things come to mind: a young Elizabeth Taylor, Venice at night, Princess Diana, a beautiful silk Christian Dior gown, and canned champagne. Truely there is nothing more regal, more sophisticated, more refined than canned champagne. It is definetely the unofficial beverage of Versailles. What better way to endulge yourself than with a nice, ice cold can of Paris Hilton's Rich Proseco (seen here being pimped at the Toronto Film Festival)? Imagine kicking off your velcro shoes after a long day of skinning possums, laying back in your Lazy-Boy chair you nabbed from the side of the road that smells like cat pee, and relaxing in front of your black and white television to a re-run of The Bill Engvall Show. Ahhh...I can practically hear the neighbors throwing trash can lids at each other and the sirens of approaching police cars at the mere mention of this classy and refined bubbly beverage. Serenity. It can be yours for just three hours of minimum wage pay. Because you're worth it.


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