Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nooo!!! PBS Evicts Mr. Rogers From the Neighborhood!

Not right! Starting yesterday, many PBS stations-including powerhouse locations such as Chicago, L.A. and NY-stopped airing reruns of "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood"! This comes seven years after the last taping of the show and 5 after the passing of everyone's favorite sweater rockin' host. It also ends the reign of what still is the longest running series on PBS. I tell you, this is blashphemy! The thought of today's youth being robbed of the same valuable life lessons that Mr. Rogers taught me is too much to bear! He taught me how to deal with the death of my pet goldfish, where to put my sad feelings, and that I don't have to look or act like everybody else to be awesome! He was the only man in the world who could ask, "Won't you be my neighbor" and not have it come off as creepy and questionable. Instead he exuded a zen-like calm only seen in Buddhist Monks and Richard Gere. And what will become of King Friday XIII, Lady Elaine Fairchilde and X the Owl? They are going to be out on their puppet asses, eating government cheese and watching Maury all day. I bet PBS is tossing them out without any severance or a 401K or anything to live off of! That is hardly a part of the morals and values Mr. R taught us to live by. Viewers have already began petitioning to bring back the legendary, totally necessary show by writing in at savemrrogers.com. I'm totally going to write. I will not allow the end of an era without a fight. You're going down, PBS!


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