Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Not Homeless!

OMFG! Ethan Hawke doesn't look like he has been loitering in the alley of your local Giant in hopes to find expired bagels and half rotten apples! For the first time in... well, since he and the goddess Thurman broke up, he actually looks...Clean! Like he's bathed in the past few weeks. Did he meet Colin Farrell? Cause something tells me he must have been saved by the sexy irishman. After all, Colin is the Gran PatrĂ³n saint of disheveled looking, cardboard box living, lice having, bottom of the barrell homeless people. He probably met Ethan who told him, "Dude, I'm not homeless. I'm a freakin' millionaire", which of course Colin contributed to a drunken, dillusional state of intoxication. He offered Ethan a square meal, some AA, and shit, he probably took him on that Calvin Klein shopping spree he's coming back from. Colin, being the humble individual he is, snuck out through the back because, you know, he wants to do good just to do it-not to get the press for it. Colin to the rescue again! I am personally happy to see Ethan in this state because he is my favorite actor of all time. I love (LOVE) every movie he's ever been in, and I want him to make more. Perhaps looking like he's not slinging rocks for tricks might get him the roles he used to snag in Hollywood.


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