Friday, September 12, 2008

CLove Talks VMAs and Virginity

Never one to shy away from the chance at a little media attention, Courtney Love has taken to her blog to give her two dime bags on the whole "purity ring" brewhaha that happened at the VMAs. Let us try to decipher the mystic language of Love:
"i didnt go to the "VMAS" as we used to call them but theyve gotten so fucking Urban i dont know i guess Van Toffler thought ( hes an exec at MTV ) he was being edgy and he WAS by letting my darkling prince Brand host the mtv awards- but theyre not the "VMAS" and they never will be again - i had ZERO desire to watch let alone go and thats one of my very favourite people ive ever known or had the honour of being friends and fiends with hosting it so i feel horribly rude that my desire not to watch assholes with chastity rings- oh for fucks sake ive had some great conversations but not ONE has ever ended in an Orgasm, y'all need some pussy and some cock and shut the hell up-
..but fuck it, its irrelevant, i am DAMMIT CELEBRATORY- i love when a friend does well and Russell appears to have done quite well- ist not exactltya fucking rock fest at mtv its...... "date my mom" remember- and it will never revert back to reliably rock n roll- its just the economiclevel of thier decision marketing wise to "grow with thier audience"" aka save mass money on shows by just predating on peoples insane desire and frenzy to be on insanely dysfunction al reality shows for free."

That CLove-so deluded! To think MTV would even consider playing actual music?!? That's giving those damn dollfaces etrely toomuch credit (in the straight world). And "urban"? What's that about? Sure there could have been more rock, but please. If you are seriously looking to MTV to accurately reflect anything-from choice in music to how young adults really behave, you are in desperate need of some qualudes (and you are not alone). People are taking this whole "no doin' it" shit entirely too far. I respect the Jonas Brother's choice to abstain from sex just as much as I respect Russell Brand's jokes. Seriously, I respect them both. It's all fucking good! What I don't respect, however, is MTV's insistance that John Norris continue to dress like he's 16. For Christ sakes, you're a grown man! Stop wearing skinny jeans and highlighting your hair! It makes you look sad and desperate!


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