Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh I'm Sorry. You Thought Someone Gave a Shit.

You must know who Michelle Duggar is, right? She likes to abuse her vagina by having more babies than even Angelina could handle? Sound familiar? I thought so. Michelle and her husband, Jim Bob (seriously. His fucking name is JIM BOB. You can't make that shit up) just announced on the Today show that they were expecting baby number 4,892,633. No, they are pregnant with baby number 18, but I'm sure baby # 4 million is not far off. Anyway, the 18th baby will be....drumroll please...a girl. Very exciting. Well, not really. It's their 8th girl so I'm sure that poor, unfortunate child will be getting hand me downs from 1982. ("Who's Frankie and why does he want me to relax???") You know, these two are some serious Bible thumpers but I bet they are totally a freak in the sheets. They probably have liberators,swings, PVC outfits, face masks, whips, chains, handcuffs and a gimp all stored in their closet. It's the straight laced ones that are the freakiest.


Ali-ers said...

I ♥ the Vagina Clown Car poster!
I want one for my office :D

Jim Bob and his incubator are frightening & fascinating at the same time.

I don't even know what a "liberator" is.
Those Bible thumpers are some serious freaks!
I bet they'd laugh at how "vanilla" my husband & I are. LOL

Anonymous said...

did you noticed the look on the of the little boys when she goes "WE ARE EXPECTING...NUMBER 18"

the look in his face is : ARE YOU FUCKIN SERIOUS?!"

Mrs. M. said...

Those poor children-I feel sorry for them. They're basically running a legal sweatshop, making the older ones raise the little ones cause mom's too busy being pregnant for the last 18 years. They're running a damn babymill! Bitch might as well start giving birth in a box underneath the stairs.

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