Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oh Snap! Lily Allen and Elton John's Bitchfest Caught On Tape

Talk about uncomfortable! This verbal smackdown between Elton John and piss drunk Lilly Allen made me squirm in my seat so I can only imagine how the audience felt. Now, I'm not sure what the announcer introducing this clip is saying, (hell, I don't even know what language she's speaking), but I'm pretty sure it's something like this: "UH! Here's some footage of two bitchy British queens going at it like two rabid cats in an alley fighting for the last saisbury steak in the dumpster. I can't believe my career as come to this! I thought I was going to be the next christiana amanpour, reporting live on the battlegrounds of Iraq, or discussing free trade with foreign leaders. Instead I'm like the Mary Hart of basic cable, hyping up a brawl between two rich assholes that have absolutely no reason to be pissants. Goddammit! Someone send me to the freakin' Sudan! This shit is making me dumber by the second!"


Girl on Top said...

Totally can't catch a word the announcer is saying.

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