Wednesday, September 17, 2008

People Mag's 10 Best Dressed of 2008

I have to admit, this list is much better than US Weekly's ass kissing b.s. 25 best dressed New Yorkers. However, I have to ask where Dita Von Teese is. I really think she should be on there. I mean, many of these stars do dress well, but where are the risk takers? I want to see someone who makes us excited about fashion. Someone who, every time they step on the red carpet makes us gasp. Anybody can wear a tailored Michael Kors dress, but not everyone has the cojones to take a change on a vintage Lacroix. I'm just saying. Anyway, here's the list. Do you think anyone notable is missing?
10.) Charlize Theron (sure)
9.) Eva Mendes (yes!)
8.) Michelle Obama
7.) Sarah Jessica Parker (definetely)
6.) Heidi Klum (eh)
5.) Anne Hathaway (yawn)
4.) Fergie (say wha?)
3.) Gwenyth Paltrow (sadly I agree)
2.) Rihanna
1.) Kate Hudson (really?!? She's number one?!? Someone really dropped the bong on that one.)


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