Monday, September 29, 2008

Put Up or Shut Up

As we all can (sadly) recall, Britney Spear's exboyfriend/parasite Adnan Ghalib claimed that he ad a sex tape featuring a pink wig wearing Brit. (Damn I miss that wig!) The rumors are again resurfacing that Adnan is going throug with plans to sell the tape. Good news for desperate bulemics everywhere. The pap told Heat magazine: "There is such a tape, but I won’t discuss prices for hypothetical enquiries. Unless there is a locked-in deal, I will go no further.” Translated: "I ain't got no tape, but I want some attention something fierce. Please pay attention to me. Daddy didn't love me and Mommy wasn't around."Adnan also added: “I am not interested in selling out any other details about Britney." Yeah, people! He's not interrested in selling out Britney except for that sex tape. And all those leaked pictures. And crotch shots. Unless of course you've got five dolla and a video camera. In which case, DEAL!


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