Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Samantha Ronson Hates Lesbians!!!

O.k., not really. But that's how the New York Post is trying to spin it. According to the mag, LiLo's "galpal" was recently asked to DJ at famed lesbian bar "Rubyfruit", but said no because she doesn't get down with the gay bars. The owner, Debra Fiero, said how great it would be if Sam Ronson deejayed there one night," resident DJ Stacy Ledwith told Page Six. "At first, her agent said it was $8,000 for the night plus airfare and hotel. Then, he was informed it was a gay and lesbian bar, we were told she doesn't do those kind of venues. She doesn't do gay and lesbian bars and clubs. I thought it was kind of strange considering she's a lesbian. It would have been really great to have her in there and help . . . It's really like betraying her sisters. It just doesn't make sense." However, SamRo's spokesbitch Brandon Phelps insisted: "It is not true. I can tell you that I am the only one that runs her calendar and was never approached by Rubyfruit." O.k. first of all, we have GOT to stop using the word "gal pal". It's stupid. I mean really, really dumb. I couldn't loathe it more. Second of all, because she's a lez she has to do everything other lesbians ask of her or else she's "Betraying her sisters"? WTF? If someone asked me to do something because I had an obligation to help my fellow "white women", I'd tell them to fuck off! Bitch doesn't owe anybody anything. She's probably never even been to the bar, so why should she do them favors? Because they are all apart of the gay family? Dumb! As dumb as "galpal"! I'm with Samantha on this one.


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