Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Seth MacFarlane Wants To Have It His Way

Ah those marketing people at Burger King-so clever! They probably sat around in their corporate office for hours, getting completely stoned off their ass and chomping on cheesy bacon wraps and french toast sticks saying to each other every five minutes or so, "Seriously guys! We have totally got to get back to finding a new promo for our brand!" before getting back to watching the entire 3rd Season of American Dad on dvd (which is the best season, btw). As they were giggling about vacation goo, and discussing real possibities on how to totally make that happen, one brilliant soul jumped up and shouted, "I got it! How crazy would it be to meet Seth MacFarlane?!?" Everyone of course was all, "Dude, I would effing LOVE to meet Seth MacFarlane. MacFarlane. MacFarlane....What a funny name! It sounds so crazy if you keep saying it! MacFarlane. MacFarlane." After agreeing that it does sound insane, the guy said, "O.k. But how crazy would it be, if like, you could meet Seth MacFarlane, but you had to buy him lunch!" "Oh. My. God." said another head honcho, "That would blow my freakin' mind. He's like a multi millionaire, but I would have to buy him lunch! That is so crazy Steve! You are like, brilliant! So anyway, pass those onion rings. I've got the munchies like a moooooov! God, I am so fucking baked!"


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