Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Somebody Get A Feeding Tube In Here, STAT.

The latest cover of US Weekly is screaming at us with the allegations that the new 90210 stars what's her name and what's her face are too thin. No shit! Thanks for pointing that out, US! I would have never been able to guess that these two bitches don't eat. I mean sure they look like starving Etheopians in those commercials that ask you for 25 cents a day while playing Sarah McLaughin's "Arms of and Angel", but so what? Looking like you've been dead for 2 years is what's in this year! I only watched one episode of the new 90210 and all I could think about the entire time was how the main chicks look like they haven't even reached puberty, and how they make the original cast look morbidly obese. When I was young I thought the girls on the original show looked thin. Now they just look normal. What is up with that?!? No wonder more teenage girls are starving themselves. Despite my better judgement, this image of the new skinny has my view of what's normal and what's thin all out of whack. I keep having to remind myself that that's not skinny-it's deadly. I'm 27, so I can only imagine how more impressionable younger girls can look at this and think it's beautiful. I mean, that's what the media keeps subconsciously telling us, right?


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