Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thandie Newton in October's BlackBook is Boring as Hell

When I heard Thandie Newton was going to be in the October issue of BlackBook, I was psyched. Surely they would create some outrageous sets and style her to look ultrafierce, right? WRONG! The "W" star looks bored to effing death. Not to mention the fact that they positioned her to look ridiculously uncomfortable. She seems totally over it and so am I. In fact, I don't blame her one bit for giving the photographer the shifty eye. He was probably all "sit in this chair for five hours and look like you haven't a thought in your brain. Good. Now sit in this chair for another five hours and look like a mindless zombie. Excellent. Now sit in this chair and give me Katie Holmes Face. Wonderful..." That first picture of her standing is probably a candid shot of her banging her head against the wall out of frustration because she has to work with dumbasses. I feel your pain, Thandie. I feel your pain.



Kara said...

wow i really like her. and wow, this shoot is really sucky.

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