Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tyra Does October's V Magazine

Holy polyester and tweed Batman! Tyra Banks is bringing back the era of disco, cola, and glitter looking very Diana Ross-esque in the latest issue of V magazine. What do we think? Are we digging it, or is it kind of blase? I could go either way on this one.


Johnny Cakes said...

Who even READS Vagina magazine? All this time, I thought it was one of those adult progrums. Anyhoo, I was at this holiday party--fucked up, YEAH ho--and I actually heard the following exchange:

Man: What TV shows do you watch?
Woman: Mad Men
Man: Watching that show sort of makes me wan tto smoke and drink all of the time. I mean, more than usual. What else?
Woman: America's Next Top Model
Man: GOD, Tyra is so so fierce. And so stupid. LOVE her!


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