Sunday, September 28, 2008

UGH! TMI, Darling. T.M.I.

So...Anne Hathaway likes it up the butt. Yeah, I just came right out and said it because frankly I'm not sure how to slip that one in a bit more gently (pun intended). Anners recently sat down with Esquire for a little chit chat, when the conversation naturally progessed into butt sex. I know what you're thinking: don't ALL conversations eventually evolve to doing it up the ass? And yes, you would be correct. Although it seems that unselfish Anne is spreading the word about anal sex not just for shits and giggles, but in the hopes that her fellow sisters of the world will give it a go. "Every woman should try it," Anne says "otherwise they miss out on something amazing”. She also speaks about significance of the first time and the trustworthy partner and how the anal penetration makes her feel "feminine in a very special way.” Really?!? Well, I guess now that Anne Hathaway says it's cool, I'll rush right out to buy some KY. GTFO, Anne! There are some things you should probably keep to yourself, and that is definetely one of them. Still love you though, you crazy ass bitch.


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